August 28, 2016

Caption Phones

We’ll help you get a free Caption Phone!

Use The Phone with Confidence
(but you’ll need an Internet connection)

Like the captions on television, CaptionCall uses technology and an assistant to quickly provide written captions of what your callers say, displaying it on a large, easy-to-read screen. Like a regular telephone – simply dial and answer calls as usual, then speak and listen using a the handset like always.
The phone and installation is free for people with a hearing loss. The captioning service is free. Captioning provided by CaptionCall is paid by the Federal Communications Commission.

You will view nearly instant captions of what your callers are saying on the large, easy-to-read display on your CaptionCall Phone. With CaptionCall service, you get captioning that’s:
Automatic—No need to dial through the captioning service.
Secure—Safe, encrypted, FCC-regulated transcription.

You control the volume (more than enough!) and the speaker output can be programmed to compensate for your hearing loss. Several models of the caption phone have a speaker phone function so you can hear the call even better when using hearing aids. The phone all have an address book or speed dial function, so you don’t have to remember phone numbers.

Several models are on display in our Mishawaka office and at least one is available to demonstrate in each of our other offices: LaPorte and Elkhart, Indiana and Lansing, Michigan.

Don’t cut yourself off from family and friends because you can no longer hear on the phone. Let a free caption phone connect you again. Hearing aids are not needed but you do need a phone number and an internet connection for the captions to work.

Make an appointment with our office for a free hearing screening and a caption phone demonstration.