Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rexton Charger

On my last order to REXTON, I ordered an extra¬†“Green and Easy Charger” and took it home for myself. I’m happy to report “I love it”! It sits on my nightstand and at bedtime I place my REXTON Strata Hearing Aids in the slots and close the cover. The three LEDs on the front all turn green and the right and left ones start to blink to let me know they are in properly. By morning just the center light is on and my hearing aids are fully charged and dried. I haven’t timed it yet, but I think it’s about a 6 hour charge to give me a full day of use.



Gone are the unexpected melodies reminding me it’s time to change the batteries. Gone also are the days when my hearing aids were dead because all my batteries were at the office.

At the end of the charging cycle it switches to drying mode and since moisture is the worst thing for a hearing aid, this is really beneficial and it works as well as the expensive dryers. Keeping your hearing aids dry can add years to their useful life.

Most (but not all) of the REXTON and Siemens models can use this charger. I try to keep them in stock along with the rechargeable batteries. I started recommending it for patients with dexterity issues because changing those tiny batteries sure can be a challenge, but now I tell everyone about it because of the convenience and reliability. The batteries last about a year and over about a 3 year term, the charger will pay for itself, depending on the price you pay for batteries.


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