Emerald XS 8C RIC

This tiny and elegant hearing aid offers complete discretion with a high level of technology.


Our smallest RIC device

The ideal product for first time users demanding high discretion.

Remote controllability

Small size remote control or App enable wearers to control their hearings aids with more discretion.

MyCore Features:

  • Can be remotely controlled via remote or app
  • Voice Ranger
  • Dynamic Extender
  • Intelligent Feedback Preventer
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Compatible with MyCore Accessories


Smart Remote App

Use this free, downloadable app to remotely control your hearing aid functions without needing a physical remote or any other gadget.

Download Free on the App Store

Download Free on Google Play


Smart Key

  • Small, discreet, convenient remote control with easy to use buttons.
  • For use with MyCore, TruCore and Essential1 products.