August 4, 2022

Springfield, OH

Are you or a loved one struggling with hearing loss?
Are you missing out on conversations, turning the Television up?
Have you found yourself avoiding some social events or withdrawing from conversations?

Affordable Hearing Store is here to provide you with more affordable and discreet hearing aids.

Price and quality are a big factor when investing in hearing aids.
We sell the same hearing aids as companies charging two or three times our price for the exact same hearing aids!

My personal experience with hearing aids came at age of 16 years old, due to hearing loss that was discovered at age 6.
I have been coaching and fitting hearing aids for thousands of satisfied customers since 2013.
I take pride and interest for those with hearing loss, and I am here to help.

We accept insurances and your Medicare Advantage hearing benefits.

Affordable Hearing Store
2685 Derr Road
Springfield, Ohio 45503

(Inside: Lagonda Creek Relators office)

Phone number 937-834-4225