Emerald M 8C  RIC

MyCore Emerald M 8C  RIC Brand new features and benefits in a small hearing aid. The Emerald M 8C is the ideal combination of small size and long battery lifetime. With up to 75 dB of gain, Emerald M 8C fits up to severe hearing loss. The size 13 battery and low power consumption of
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Sterling 8C CIC / IIC

MyCore Sterling 8C CIC / IIC The utmost in discretion with the latest technology The new Sterling custom hearing aids offer the utmost in discretion and are packed with the new MyCore technology. Small size Maximum discretion ensured by small components and custom made housing. Binaural signal processing Easier listening in loud environments Remote controllability
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Mosaic P 8C BTE

MyCore Mosaic P 8C BTE The comfortable solution for severe to profound hearing losses with Direct Streaming. Mosaic P brings direct streaming and MyCore features to those with a severe hearing loss. It is designed to fit comfortably while maintaining low visibility. Direct Streaming Direct connectivity to iPhones. TVs and other Bluetooth enabled devices via
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Mosaic M 8C BTE

MyCore Mosaic M 8C BTE The reliable BTE that fits any ear. The Mosaic BTE is a highly discreet device that provides great control and easy handling with both Smart Direct App and Smart Key Remote. Size 13 battery Wearers benefit from longer battery life. Flexible fitting Use with a standard earhook or ThinTube.  
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Emerald XS 8C RIC

MyCore Emerald XS 8C RIC The comfortable solution for severe to profound hearing losses with Direct Streaming. This tiny and elegant hearing aid offers complete discretion with a high level of technology. Our smallest RIC device The ideal product for first time users demanding high discretion. Remote controllability Small size remote control or App enable
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MyCore 8c Technology

MyCore. Made for Me! Introducing MyCore 8C Technology: A perfect combination of natural sound and direct streaming. Rexton’s new MyCore platform combines the best of two worlds: direct audio streaming from iPhone and advanced binaural signal processing that allows wearers to hear more comfortably and naturally. We’re especially proud to introduce an amazing new feature,
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Stellar RIC 8C

MyCore Stellar RIC 8C The smart rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid that features Direct Streaming. The smart, rechargeable hearing aid that goes 24 hours and beyond. Stellar RIC 8C now has direct audio streaming to Bluetooth® enabled hearing aids and My Voice for enhanced sound of your own voice. Lithium-ion Rechargeable via Smart Li-ion Power charger
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MyCore inoX CIC 8C

MyCore inoX CIC 8C Combines comfort with the cosmetic appeal of fitting invisibly in the ear. inoX 8C is the new premium click and fit in the ear hearing aid that combines the ultimate in cosmetics and industry-leading MyCore technology. Instant CIC solution Maximum discretion ensured by a small CIC module complemented with comfortable Click
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Emerald RIC

MyCore Emerald S 8C RIC A perfect combination of small size and huge new performance. This tiny device boasts direct streaming to iPhone via Bluetooth® and easier streaming to most Bluetooth® enabled phones via Smart Mic. Emerald S 8C is small yet fully featured. Its variety of accessories offers full control and usability. New direct streaming Staying connected
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