March 27, 2016

LaPorte, IN

For an appointment in LaPorte, or pricing information, please call 574-387-4215.

The LaPorte office is located at 318 Pine Lake Ave, LaPorte, IN 46350. We are open two days a week by appointment and do make house calls including visits to several senior communities.

There are no signs on our building, so it’s easy to miss. Coming from downtown turn on Pine Lake Avenue, between the Hospital and the County Building.  Head up over the overpass and past Kroger on the right and McDonalds on the left. A park is on the left, followed by Family Vision Care. We are next, on the left and our building sits back off the road. The parking lot is in front of our building.

The office isn’t fancy but it does the job.  By keeping our overhead low we are able to save you thousands of dollars per pair compared to our local competition. Hearing aids shouldn’t be so expensive that people can’t afford them. Actually, it’s not the hearing aids themselves, but the mark-up that drives up the price.  We don’t sell cheap hearing aids, we just watch our overhead and take a much smaller mark-up. This way we can sell more hearing aids and you can afford better hearing aids.