August 21, 2012


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You will Save Thousands!

Our “Cost Plus” approach of adding a reasonable amount to the wholesale price of your hearing aid results in some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. We don’t mark up the cost of a hearing aid by 300%  up to 500% like the industry does.  As a result we often beat even the online suppliers who provide no local service.


Outstanding Customer Service

Have hearing aids you are not happy with? Bring them in and we will try to get them to work properly and fit comfortably long before we even think about replacing them with new aids. We service almost all brands and can even provide you with “loaners” if your hearing aids have to be sent out for repairs.

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The Latest Technology

We feature several top brands, including Siemens, Rexton, Unitron, and Hansaton representing state of the art technology in Hearing Aids. Our prices are lower because we want to make hearing devices available to more people. You won’t come up short on technology or features just because you paid less.


More than just Hearing Aids

We consider what you need, not just what someone wants to sell you. This could include auditory training, so you can learn to hear better, or assistive listening devices like a caption or amplified phone. Make an appointment today and let’s discover what might help you hear better.

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Free Hearing Tests

We check our teeth, our eyes but more often than not we avoid checking our hearing. Hearing tests are important, especially as we age, and we don’t want anyone to go without a hearing test because of the price.

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Batteries and Chargers


eCharger for Siemens and Rexton Hearing Aids

Yes, some hearing aids are re-chargeable just like your phone.  You drop them into their base unit while you sleep and they are ready for a full days work when you put them in the next morning.

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Hearing Aid Repairs


All too often we hear from customers that they were told their broken hearing aid couldn’t be repaired. Sometimes competitors jack up the repair price in an effort to justify new hearing aids.  Customers tell us

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Caption Phones

If your hearing loss makes it difficult to hear on the phone, we can help! Caption phones are free if you qualify.

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