August 10, 2016

REXTON Quad Core Hearing Aids

Prices on REXTON QuadCore Technology:

Emerald 80, Mosaic 80, Sterling 80 – $3,450 per pair

Emerald 60, Mosaic 60, Sterling 60 – $2,850 per pair

Emerald 40, Mosaic 40, Sterling 40 – $2,495 per pair

These are our full service prices which include: 3 year warranty, 3 year loss and damage (less deductible) and 3 years of our Continuous Care Program (includes all visits and free batteries).


QuadCore Technology introduces a new dimension of better hearing by leveraging the power of the industry’s most energy efficient binaural hearing platform. Finally, an all-encompassing hearing solution engineered for today’s listening needs. 

  • Real time audio exchange between hearing aids
  • Outstanding speech intelligibility with best-in-class sound quality
  • Fully automatic, high-tech features eliminate hassle of manual adjustments
  • Wireless connectivity for high quality audio streaming and functionality with external devices

QuadCore steals the show with its core architecture – Audio Exchange. A real time exchange of voice data between hearing aids enables features such as Auto Directional iLock and Auto iFocus 360. QuadCore’s ultralow energy consumption allows these features to activate whenever needed.

Features of QuadCore Hearing Aids

  • Up to 40 channels of premium noise reduction
  • Light-weight, comfortable, and colorful
  • IP67 rated to resist water, dirt, and sweat
  • Rechargeable
  • Tech gadget friendly
  • Advanced, hands-free phone & TV streaming
  • Trouble-free operation, completely automatic
  • Enhanced listening in challenging environments
  • RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal)

Available Products

Emerald 4c RIC hearing aids: Big on power & performance – small on size.

With our powerful Emerald models, we offer three hearing aids with the amplification and clarity to fit your customers’ needs. Covering a broad fitting range for many degrees of hearing loss, you can provide nearly every customer with an optimum solution.

  • Emerald XS 4c
  • Emerald S 4c
  • Emerald M 4c

Mosaic 4c BTE hearing aids: Reliable solutions for all lifestyles and listening needs.

Our broad range of BTE models offers a versatile combination of amplification solutions for a wide range of hearing losses – with a variety of modern technological features. Available either with Tubes and Tips or with earhooks for even more amplification, you can provide nearly every customer with the perfect solution – for a natural sound experience and a high level of wearing comfort.

  • Mosaic M 4c
  • Mosaic P 4c

Sterling 4c Custom hearing aids: Convenience and discretion combined.

With our big variety of custom hearing aids, you can offer the perfect solution to almost all your customers. A broad range of tailor made ITE, ITC and CIC models provides the optimum solution for all levels of hearing loss and any kind of wearing preference.

  • Sterling ITE 4c
  • Sterling ITC 4c
  • Sterling CIC 4c

Available Accessories

Smart Connect
Discreet, hands-free Bluetooth remote for phone calls, streaming music, TV and other audio. Also doubles as a hearing aid remote control.

Smart Power Charger
Charges, dries and provides overnight safe storage for hearing aids for a full day of worry free hearing.

Smart Remote
Discreet multi-function remote with large screen and easy to use buttons.

Speech Connect & Transmitter
Speech Connect: Works with the Smart Connect to provide a wearable microphone for direction conversation amplification.
Transmitter: Audio connection to additional devices.

Smart Phone Apps
Smart Connect App: Allows full remote control capabilities, control of directional microphone patterns and Control of Smart Connect for Bluetooth streaming.
Smart Remote App: Allows remote control function without needing a remote or any other gadget.