July 7, 2014

Hearing Loss

We All Suffer from Hearing Loss

None of our patients, typically age 50 and older, hear like they did when they were 18.  As we age we all lose the ability to hear really high frequency sounds, but think about this for a minute, if we don’t hear the sound, how do we know we don’t hear it? This is why every adult, age 21 to 50 should get a hearing test, as a way to establish their baseline.

Age 50 and older we should have our hearing tested every 2 to 3 years.

If we have a hearing loss, are exposed to loud noises at work or in a hobby, or have a family history of hearing loss, then you should be tested every year.

If you notice a change in your hearing, come in for a test right away.

By the time we reach 65, one third of us have a significant hearing loss.  By age 80 the percentage reaches nearly 50%

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